01 December 2007


The view from my window today

Tonight, while I was in the movie theater watching I'm Not There (sublime!) the first storm of the winter arrived.

Did you know? When you drive in snow and sleet and freezing rain, it freezes to your windshield until you can't see very well. So you turn on your windshield wipers, which spreads everything around, so you see even less well. So then you spray your wiper fluid, which adds even more to spread around and freeze, so you can't see at all.

I would suggest that you go through these steps before you are driving on an unplowed road, where even if your windshield were clear, you couldn't see the lines that indicate where you are supposed to drive.

It is an adventure! (Eventually your wiper fluid and warm-air defrost inside will make it so that there is no longer ice blocking your view, and the fun ends.)

I stopped for gas, and on the other side of the pump there was a man filling up a pickup with a snow plow on the front.

"I hate this weather!" he yelled to me.

"But if it didn't snow, you'd, you'd be out of a job," I pointed out

"This time next year, I'm selling this damn truck and moving to Florida. I mean it; I'll do it. I tell you what!"

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