03 September 2007


Once again, I have a blog.

Like the last time I did this, the blog principally serves one and only one purpose: to let my friends know how I'm doing. I'm pathologically incapable of keeping in touch with people once I leave town (I blame my childhood. Seriously.), and keeping the blog updated has the only half-self-serving goal of making me feel less guilty about this.

Unlike that other blog, however, this one has a few more ground rules. There will be no discussion whatsoever of my job. With the kind of job I have now, any indiscretions could have very serious consequences.

So what else is there to talk about, considering my job takes up the vast majority of my time, energy, and thought? The answer, of course, is Cleveland! The Metropolis of the Western Reserve! The Jewel of the Cuyahoga Valley! Home of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Cleveland Torso Murderer! And that thing with the river catching on fire happened a long time ago, so stop bringing it up already!

Won't you join me, as I explore all that C-Town has to offer?