14 October 2007


ME: I really love the clothes in your store.

SHOPGUY: Yeah, there's been a real explosion of great new labels recently, and they've been selling really well.

ME: I agree, especially in menswear.

SHOPGUY: Well, we can stock more interesting things for men here. Women in Cleveland don't know how to dress.

ME: What? Really?

SHOPGUY: Yeah. I can sell different, riskier, fashionable clothes to men here, but most of the women who come into the store just want things that are boring and cheap.

ME: That's... weird. You'd think it would be the other way around.

SHOPGUY: Trust me, I've been in retail for years. But just look around—Cleveland woman can't dress themselves.

ME: Why do you think that is?

SHOPGUY: I think women aren't doing well economically in this city, relatively speaking. I mean, when I do get a woman in the store who wants something good, nine times out of ten she says "I'll get my boyfriend or father to buy it for me."

ME: No kidding...

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